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Pursuing a career in front-end web development, I combine my technical skills with a creative perspective to contribute to the digital world. My educational journey began at Spokane Falls Community College, where I gained a solid foundation in graphic design. Currently, I’m progressing through the BDes program in Visual Communication Design at Eastern Washington University, with a keen interest in the vibrant field of web development.

My academic experience is a blend of theoretical learning and practical application, enabling me to thrive in areas where innovative design meets practical functionality. I have sharpened my skills in the Adobe Creative Suite and delved into web technologies through various projects.

The aspect of web development that resonates with me the most is the ability to translate ideas into reality using code. This field offers a compelling mix of logical problem-solving and artistic expression. My aim is to develop websites that are aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, responsive, and accessible, providing an engaging user experience.

Looking ahead to a future in front-end web development, I am enthusiastic about contributing to projects that push the limits of digital creativity, utilizing my skills to craft significant and impactful web experiences.

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Hi, I’m Sage! I’m someone who finds joy in the simple things – a purr from one of my four fur-babies (Leroy, Lenny, Louie, and Mort), a well-crafted horror movie, or the whimsical worlds of Studio Ghibli. I share my life with my soon-to-be husband, Ben, and together, we’re a duo of Nintendo enthusiasts, so much so that we’re getting married in Super Nintendo World this April! This speaks volumes about our love for fun, games, and the joy of living life with a touch of the extraordinary.

My passions don’t end there. I’m a big fan of EDM and the electrifying energy of music festivals. There’s something about being amidst the crowd, the music, and the lights that rejuvenates my soul and makes me feel alive. These festivals are where I let loose and recharge, ready to face the world with renewed energy and creativity.

Indulgences? I have a few! A cold beer, a glass of smooth whiskey, a plate of delicious pasta, an assortment of candies, or an energizing drink – these are my guilty pleasures. In terms of aesthetics, purple is my color – it represents the perfect blend of calm and excitement, much like my personality. And cats, of course, are my spirit animal. Their curiosity, independence, and playful nature resonate deeply with me. I find happiness in these little things – they shape my world and fuel my creativity, both professionally and personally.

Leroy (aka Sneezy)

Lenny (aka Big Fatty)

Louie (aka Little Baby Mountain Goat)

Mort (aka Derpy Baby)